Entry Requirements

  • 5+ GCSEs at 9-4
  • Grade 7 in mathematics


Dina Grozdanic
Director of Learning – Mathematics


Course Outline

This course is intellectually demanding and only students who have proven ability at GCSE level are likely to make transition to A-level study successfully. The majority of students who apply to study A-level Mathematics are expected to continue onto higher education degree course. A-level Mathematics is an essential requirement for all Engineering, Accountancy and many Science and Business degree courses, as well as IT courses and Economics.

Mathematics at this level consists of the study of Pure Mathematics and the study of application of Mathematics to the physical world with Mechanics and Statistics concepts. NB All students enrolled into this course study AS level in Year 12 but, if they do not meet progression requirements at the end of Year 12, they will continue to study Mathematics at AS level throughout Year 13. Those who understand the concepts in Year 12 will continue further, studying the more challenging topics of the A level course.

Course Assessment

  • Paper 1: Pure Mathematics 1
    33.33%, 100 marks
  • Paper 2: Pure Mathematics 2
    33.33%, 100 marks
  • Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics
    33.33%, 100 marks
  • Paper 1: Pure Mathematics
    62.5%, 100 marks, 2 hours
  • Paper 2: Pure Mathematics 2
    37.5%, 60 marks, 1 hour 15 mins