Entry Requirements

  • 5+ GCSEs at 9-4
  • Grade 5 in English literature
  • Grade 5 in English language


Eric McGarvey
Director of Learning – English


Course Outline

In English Language and Literature, students learn to: read deeply, explore and analyse a range of literary, non-literary, visual and written texts; use critical theory; and consider the impact of historical, cultural and other contextual factors on texts. In the Language part of the course, students study a range of non-literary texts, which include articles, advertisements, speeches, brochures, biographies, letters and other forms of writing. In the Literature part of the course, students study six literary texts, including two texts in translation and two graphic texts. Three of these lead to internal assessment: Slaughterhouse V, Embroideries and A Thousand Splendid Suns. The other three lead to external assessment: Othello, The World’s Wife and Hostage.

Course Assessment

  • Paper 1: Language
    2 hours
    Textual analysis of two unseen non-literary texts
  • Paper 2: Literature
    2 hours
    One essay, using two of the literary texts studied
  • 1500 word essay, based upon one literary text (chosen by the student from a selection of 25 novels)
  • An oral presentation, comparing two extracts from a non-literary text and a literary text that both explore the same global issue