Students, parents and staff have worked hard to create our distinctive uniform for Years 7-11. The uniform design takes into account durability, cost and identity. It gives students a feeling of pride which we hope will stay with them throughout their days at The Leigh Academy and beyond. Each College has its own unique colour:




Da Vinci

This also helps to engender individual pride in each community. Post 16 students wear smart business dress.

The wearing of uniform is essential for the maintenance of high standards in all aspects of Academy and College life and considerably enhances the Academy’s image and standing in the community. A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone arriving in non-uniform clothing may expect to be sent home.

Supply of Academy Uniform

All Academy uniform should be ordered from either our on-line supplier, Brigade or TFS School & Dancewear, Spital Street, Dartford, Kent DA1 2DX as per the uniform lists attached.  PE Uniform should still be ordered on-line from SWI or TFS School & Dancewear.  We also offer a Uniform ‘Trying On’ facility as below:

Uniform ‘Trying On’ Facility

The Academy offers the service of a “Uniform Trying On facility”.

This service is available on an appointment basis. Please telephone Miss Pepper-Newland Admissions Coordinator on 01322 620509 to arrange a mutually acceptable time.

Parent/Carers can arrange to come independently or meet their child during their break/lunch/after school to ensure they select the correct sizes, before placing their orders direct to Brigade/SWI or TFS School & Dancewear. Payment is made by debit/credit card. Brigade/SWI or TFS School & Dancewear will then deliver all items to your home address.

Parent/Carers who require Internet access can make arrangements through Miss Pepper-Newland to come in and place Internet orders via Academy computers and payment is as above.

The Leigh Academy Uniform List          Post-16 Dress Codes and Standards

If you require accessible versions of these PDF documents please email: accessibility@latrust.org.uk

Academy uniform is available from the following outlets:

The Summer ordering deadline is 1st August 2021.

Please click here to view/download Summer ordering leaflet for 2021 from Brigade.

Address: TFS School & Dancewear, Spital Street, Dartford, Kent DA1 2DX

Academy PE uniform is available from the following:

Address: TFS School & Dancewear, Spital Street, Dartford, Kent DA1 2DX