Pupil Premium at The Leigh Academy

Pupil Premium Funding 17-18

At The Leigh Academy we have a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our students.  We plan an integrated approach to ensure those who have been identified as Pupil Premium are supported.  We know that good teaching can, and does, narrow the gap in attainment.  To continue to improve outcomes for learners vulnerable to under-achievement we have developed a more personalised proviso that takes into account the research and findings of The Education Endowment Foundation and the Sutton Trust published in The Teaching and Learning Toolkit.

This will be achieved through:

  • Whole Academy strategies which benefit all students.
  • Targeted strategies for underperforming students which benefit disadvantaged and other underperforming students.
  • Personalised strategies for students eligible for PPG which specifically benefit disadvantaged students.

Impact of Pupil Premium, SEND and Catch Up Funding 2016-17

Year 11

Although the Ofsted School Inspection Update September 2017 states “Inspectors should not compare results from last year with results this year for the new GCSEs”, we have nonetheless completed a comparison in the chart below. The chart reflects the PP gap for 2016-17, whilst it is broadly in line with our gap figures from last year it is interesting to note that the gap for other subjects not including English and maths has decreased by 4%, reflecting our improved support for disadvantaged students in unreformed qualifications.  The increase in the English and maths gap is due to the rigour of the new GCSE qualifications, especially maths where gaps have widened this year.


PP Students (minus those with SEND) Non PP Students Gap Difference from 2016 Results
% 9-4 English and Maths 41% 64% 23% 4%
% 9-4 English 63% 76% 13% 2%
% 9-4 Maths 45% 71% 26% 6%
%9-4 EBACC 6% 12% 6% 2%
% A-C in all other subjects minus English and Maths 52% 68% 16% -4%


In year 11 our disadvantaged students have outperformed or equalled the performance of Non-disadvantaged students in the following unreformed GCSE subjects –

Subject PP Students % A-C Non PP Students % A-C Gap
Health and Social Care 80% 45% +35%
French 45.5% 29.9% +15.6%
Music 42.9% 33% +9.9%
PE 84.6% 78.9% +5.7%
Resistant Material 100% 66.6% +33.4%
ICT ECDL 100% 100% No Gap
ICT CIDA 100% 100% No Gap
Photography 100% 100% No Gap


Post 16

In Year 13 we had 9 students who met the Disadvantaged criteria. These students Average Point Score as a grade, was a C grade (28.82) which was higher than non-disadvantaged students in their cohort.

Years 7 to 10 in year progress

PP and SEND progress is measured across the year groups and the subject areas, the following graphs show the % of students making good progress for PP and SEND students compared to all students.

Year 7

The progress of Pupil Premium and SEND students in Year 7 is good across the Ebacc subjects, with SEND students making better progress than ‘all’ in both English and French.  Maths is a focus subject in year 7 and in 2017/18, we have 22 Pupil Premium students supported in the Challenger pathway and 36 Pupil Premium students having small group Maths interventions with a tutor.

Year 8

Our year 8 SEND students made accelerated progress in Maths, French, Geography and History last year.  This year we will look at further differentiation for SEND and Pupil Premium in English and Science.

Year 9

As students move into Key Stage 4, we see that the gap in English/Maths/Science for Pupil Premium and SEND began to show as a higher percentage of ‘all’ students who made good progress. This year we are supporting year 9 as they begin KS4 with information evenings for parents in September and professional development sessions for staff on interventions and personalising the learning of these groups as they progress to KS4.

Year 10

SEND students are supported in year 10 with their literacy development as this has had an impact on their progress in English and Humanities subjects.The steps to support year 10 this year are; reading and homework clubs for year 10 SEND students at lunchtime and after period 5, Pupil Premium students in year 10 are being further supported as they move into Year 11 with learning skills and memory workshops scheduled as well as 1:1 guidance and aspirational meetings with college leadership teams at least 3 times during modules 1 – 4.

Pupil Premium – Proposed Spending and Strategy 2017 -18

Barriers to future attainment for students eligible for pupil premium funding at The Leigh Academy and how we will overcome them:

In Academy barriers Objective Success criteria
1.Literacy and Numeracy skills on entry to Year 7 are lower which slows progress across the curriculum and ability to access the curriculum Improved Literacy, numeracy and reading skills for students eligible for PP in all years, with a particular focus on students in Yr 7 and 8 PP students in Year 7 and 8 make rapid progress by the end of the year, so that all PP students show a minimum 20% increase in reading age, and make good progress in the LAT KS3 maths assessments
2. PP students making less progress than non PP students nationally

Leigh High Attaining Students on entry who are eligible for PP are making less progress than HAS who are non-PP

Improved rate of progress for PP students and for HAS who are eligible for PP.


PP and HAS students who are eligible for PP have a positive Progress 8 score in KS4 outcomes

(Academy Performance Agreement Priority 2)

3. A higher proportion of PP students experience social, emotional and mental health issues which affect behaviour and attendance and can therefore have a detrimental impact on progress To continue to improve personal development, behaviour and welfare strategies and support The proportion of disadvantaged students who are excluded continues to fall below national average and attendance increase to be above national average for PP

(Academy Performance Agreement Priority 5)



External Barrier
4. Lack of parent/carer support with learning at home and a lack of engagement by parents of students how are most vulnerable to underachievement To continue to strengthen partnerships with Academy and home Increased parent/carer attendance at key events and increased involvement as evidence in parental surveys

Proposed Pupil Premium Spending allocation – 2017-18

The Leigh Academy Pupil Premium Funding for 2017-18 is £268,945

Objective Implementation Funding
1.Improved Literacy, numeracy and reading skills for students eligible for PP in all years, with a particular focus on students in Years 7 and 8


(Year 7 Catch up Funding will also contribute to achieving this objective)

Accelerated Reader Programme, Fresh Start, Lexia, Rosetta Stone

Drop Everything and Read in Tutor Time

Professional Development for tutors to develop reading techniques

Purchase of iPads for PP students use on site

Subsidies to allow equal access to personal devices for disadvantaged children

Subject teachers allocated to Challenger Pathway to ensure high quality provision

Literacy Co-ordinator role

Small groups and one to one tutoring with maths tutor

Targeted homework clubs for Year 7 students











Part funded £1,500





2.Improved rate of progress for PP students and for HAS who are eligible for PP. Strategic planning and leadership of all strategies implemented to support disadvantaged students narrow the achievement gap – member of senior staff and an aspiring leader given responsibility, time and allowance to ensure strategies are targeted and effective.

Academic catch up/support sessions with key staff

Saturday and holiday revision sessions for key targeted students

Academic mentoring of targeted KS4 students by SLT

PD of staff to develop strategies to support, stretch and challenge PP and HASPP students.

LSAs support for PP students

Breakfast Club and refreshments during exam season

Home tuition

EBacc Interventions and educational visits

Raising aspirations through careers conventions and university visits

















3.To continue to improve personal development, behaviour and welfare strategies and support  

Employment of Inclusion Behaviour Manager

Student Service Manager Interventions and support

Trust Attendance and Welfare Officer

Trust Educational Psychologists

Counselling support from external providers supporting mental health

Mentoring of disadvantaged students

Alternative Curriculum Provision

Respite Placements

Part Funded








Places £9,000

Places £6,000


4. To continue to strengthen partnerships with Academy and home Increase communication with parents/carers of PP students, phone calls to invite to events, and follow up calls, messages and emails.

Additional coffee mornings for parents of PP, Challenger and SEN students

Still to be allocated



Total: £252,250



The Actual Pupil Premium Funding 2014-15 document shows how funding was spent (Appendix (.pdf))

The Actual Pupil Premium Funding for 2015-16 document shows how funding was spent  (Appendix (.pdf))

The Actual Pupil Premium Funding for 2015-16 document shows how funding was spent  (Appendix .pdf)

The Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium document how our funding is spent (Year 7 Premium catch-up funding (.pdf))