Post-16 Results Day 2022 – 18th August 2022

A group of male Post-16 students are seen stood together with their results sheets, smiling for the camera on A Level Results Day 2022.

We are absolutely delighted with our Post 16 results at The Leigh Academy this summer. 

Our IB results (in July) were the highest ever achieved at The Leigh, above both the LAT and global average!  Today we have our A level and Level 3 BTEC results, and once again we are absolutely thrilled with the outcomes achieved by our young people. 

These Year 13 students have just completed their Post 16 journey at The Leigh Academy having faced unprecedented disruption over the last three years. Schools closed in March 2020 and that cohort were unable to sit their GCSE examinations. They then went on to experience more school closures and other limitations during the pandemic.  Despite these challenges, they have proven themselves to be an extraordinary cohort of young people, who have adapted exceptionally well to the demands of remote learning and have, in many ways, benefitted from how different their Post 16 journey has been to previous cohorts’ experiences. They have become the most resilient, adaptably work-ready and best prepared generation of future university students to have passed through the academy. We are proud that 78% are now on their way to university this autumn and know that they are ‘university ready’.

This was proven when they collected their IB results on 6th July and discovered that they had achieved the best IB results the academy has had since it was authorised as an IB World School in 2017. In that five year period, the Average Points Score of our IB students has risen by 10, so that our 32.6 APS now places us well above the Leigh Academies Trust  average, second in the Leigh Academies Trust overall and above the IB’s global average. 

Further success followed on 18th August, when students collected their A level and BTEC results. Despite the return to grading more like that used in 2019 (the last time public examinations were taken before the pandemic), these exam results showed the significant progress that students have made over the last two years. The APS for A level subjects is 34 and the average grade achieved across all subjects is C+   Particular note must be made of graphics A level with 40% of students achieving A or A * grades, and 60 % with grade B or above, history A level with 88% of students achieving grade B or above. 

In addition, the APS for BTEC subjects is 32.5 and the average grade achieved across all subjects is distinction. With performing arts acting BTEC and ICT single BTEC standing out with over 70 % of students achieving distinctions/distinction stars!. Sports BTEC students have achieved particularly highly with 100% achieving distinction of which 63% were distinction stars! 

No end of praise must be heaped on our Year 13 students for the way they have accounted for themselves but grateful thanks must also be extended to their parents and carers 

A massive thank you and huge recognition must be given to the determination shown by all Leigh staff and particularly the Post 16 teachers, tutors and Post 16 team who have supported our students to great success now and into their future! Congratulations to all!

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