Extra After School Maths Revision Sessions for Year 11 Students

A close up of a student holding a pencil in the middle of an exam.

Dear parents/carers

We are delighted to have been able to offer a range of after school revision sessions for Mathematics in Module 2 this year for our Year 11 students.

I am writing to share an updated timetable of these sessions for module 2. The purpose of these sessions is to support the Year 11 students in addressing any gaps in their learning that they may have to further prepare them for their GCSE Mathematics examinations this year.

Your son/daughter is strongly encouraged to attend any of these sessions to get more support for the examination preparation, or if advised by their teachers, or to help them with their SPARX homework, the online Mathematics Portal.

If you have any questions regarding the after school sessions for Mathematics, you can contact teachers directly or you can contact Mrs Dina Grozdanic. 





Further Maths
Mrs Grozdanic / Mrs Sandhu

GCSE Maths Higher
Mr Buramoih

GCSE Maths Higher
Mrs Ramic

GCSE Maths Foundation
Mrs Sandhu

GCSE Maths Foundation
Mr Chaggar

GCSE Maths Foundation
Mr Czerniecki


Your faithfully

Dina Grozdanic

Director of Learning – Mathematics