Year 11 Curriculum Update

A female student seen smiling in the foreground with two other students blurred in the background.

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing with a start of 2023 curriculum update. This module has started well, with Year 11 students fully engaged in their learning as they approach the final leg of their Key Stage 4 two year journey and their public examinations.


We are focused on preparing students for their examinations at this very important time but we are also informing them of their future steps in education.  This week students have received an assembly entitled “University Mythbusters” delivered by representatives from the University of Greenwich. Undergraduates and graduates presented their experiences at university which included studies, student finance and balancing work and social life.

Students were also reminded of the online portal Unifrog which informs them of the vast array of career opportunities available and the correct pathways to follow towards their successful futures. Please explore Unifrog with your son/daughter at   In addition to this our students are receiving independent careers guidance from a highly qualified careers advisor from Jam Packed Careers.


Year 11 curriculum information can all be found on our academy website by clicking here. Please note that we include Religious Education curriculum during tutor time, assemblies and whole academy events such as Diwali and Chinese New Year celebrations. A computing course for our students is also delivered during tutor time and includes skills such as coding which will prepare students for the next stage of their education whether that be Post-16, an apprenticeship or college.


A reminder that all Year 11 students have been encouraged to take part in the 16B416 reading challenge, where they choose 16 titles from a list of 20 books to read before their 16th birthday or complete their examinations in Year 11. Taking part in the challenge brings the rewards of Literacy points, certificates and tokens for the Inter College Reading Trophy. Students will also gain a greater knowledge of a variety of different writing styles and genres, so it is a very worthwhile activity to take part in. If you have any questions about the 16B416 Challenge, please do not hesitate to contact  

Key Events 

We will hold a Year 11 mock results afternoon on Thursday 26th January, where the students will receive their results envelopes in the afternoon, through this students will rehearse the summer results day process and motivate them for the remaining months leading up to their final examinations. To aid Year 11 students in their preparations for taking final examinations this summer, we have engaged an external provider, Learning Performance, to come into the academy on 7th February and run five  sessions through the day with Year 11 students.  We have used the services of Learning Performance before and they have been exceptionally well received by students, as the sessions will cover practical strategies of improving memory and recall, planning time wisely, managing the stresses of exam season and much more. They will all take place within the academy day.

You received your child’s first Year 11 report in October and will receive the next progress report on 7th February. This report is important as it will contain your son/daughter’s mock examination results, their updated current and predicted grades and also written comments from subject teachers providing targeted feedback. This report will provide vital guidance for you and your daughter/son  to help them prepare for their final months of study and their post-16 applications. 

In addition, all year 11 students will have another round of English, maths and science mock examinations in the week beginning Monday 27th February. In order to prepare for these mock examinations and their summer examinations, we have  streamlined the after school revision session schedule. This has been shared with students and will be published on our website this week. 

Some Year 11 student have actual BTEC examinations on 

  • Health & Social Care: Monday 30th January
  • Digital Information Technology: Wednesday 1st February
  • Engineering: Tuesday 31st January & Friday 3rd February

These examinations are public examinations and will continue despite any national strike actions 

Post 16 destinations 

We are delighted that so many Year 11 students have applied to join Attenborough College and undertake their Post-16 education with us. Each student who has applied will meet with a member of their college leadership team in this module to look at their subject choices and check they are on track to meet entry requirements. We will be running taster lessons for Post-16 subjects in Module 4 and will provide details to students via assembly very soon. Students are also receiving advice regarding other intended destinations, applications and next steps.

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your child’s tutor in the first instance or college team who will be able to respond or  direct you to the relevant member of staff. We look forward to supporting you and your child through the next few months of Year 11 and into the next steps to Post-16 study. 

Your sincerely

Julia Collins