Senior Staff Updates

A photo of the outside of a part of The Leigh Academy building.

Dear Parent/Carer

As we approach the May half term break, I write with some updates. This module has been jam-packed with a full series of public examinations taking place for Year 11 and Year 13 students as well as some unit exams for Year 12. We have also commemorated the coronation of King Charles III with an activity day. This week we celebrate Culture week recognizing that whilst ‘we are all different, we are all one community’; developing empathy and respect for all. Thank you to all parents/carers for your support.

Senior Staffing updates

We have some planned changes in our senior leadership team, which will take place after the half term break. We say goodbye and thank you to Mr David Freeman, who has been Deputy Principal at The Leigh Academy and is moving to his next position at The Halley Academy. We welcome Mr Mathieu Stevens, an experienced senior leader at The Halley who will be joining The Leigh Academy as Deputy Principal. We look forward to him joining our team.

In addition we say farewell to Mr Matt Piggott, who has been Assistant Head of College since 2017. Mr Piggott is currently AHoC in Curie College, but has worked in both Chaucer and Brunel Colleges through the years. We wish him well in his onward promotion to Vice Principal at Strood Academy.

From 1st June 2023, we have an interim college structure as we transition to the new staffing for September.

Mandela College 

Head of College – Ms Sarah Forde

Assistant Head of College –  Ms Sarah McCabe-Knowles and Mr Chris Bradley

Curie College 

Head of College – Mrs Claire Grimes

Assistant Head of College – Mr Mike Williams

Seacole College

Head of College – Mr Kevin Brewer

Assistant Head of College – Ms Lisa Bodle and Mrs Sana Morgan from 1st July 

Shakespeare College

Head of College – Mr Mark Shepherd

Assistant Head of College – Ms Lisa Bodle working across both Seacole and Shakespeare in term 6, then full time in Shakespeare from 1st July.

Attenborough College

Director of Post 16 – Mr Lee Forcella Burton 

It is always sad to say farewell to staff but a pleasure to have existing Leigh Senior Leaders moving on to the next step in their career journey and welcome new experienced senior members to our team.

I do wish you a very restful break and look forward to seeing the students back in the academy on Monday 5th June 2023.

Your Sincerely 

Julia Collins