Year 9 Chromebook Refresh

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Dear Parent/Carer 

Re: Year 9 Chromebook Refresh – Wednesday 10th July 

We are pleased to inform you that year 9 students will be issued a refreshed Chromebook as they start year 10 in September. This means that we need to collect their current academy Chromebook that was issued to them when they started at the academy in Year 7. We will collect these devices on Wednesday 10th July. 

I would like to remind you that in order to receive the new Chromebook, the original device (given to your child when they started at The Leigh Academy) must be returned in good working order. On the day of collection, your child will need to bring their Chromebook, its charger and box (if you still have it). 

If you do not have a charger there will be a £25 charge, therefore we politely suggest if lost that a replacement is ordered before handing the device back to us. We have found Amazon to be the cheapest place to buy these replacements should that be required. 

The device will then be checked and signed off and you will then receive an email confirming the device has been returned. Failure to return the device could result in a fine being issued. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me 

Your sincerely 

David Mills | Chromebook Lead