SPARX Homework for Mathematics

A group of Leigh Academy students are photographed sitting together at their desks, looking at their laptops and smiling.

Dear parents/carers

I am writing to inform you that all students at The Leigh Academy are expected to complete homework that is being regularly set on SPARX for Mathematics – link to login here. Students need to use their Google classroom login details to login to SPARX and complete their homework.

SPARX is a platform for personalised Mathematics homework, proven to boost student grades.

  • 1 hour of SPARX Mathematics a week significantly improves student grades (it means that students complete an additional 39 hours per year – the equivalent of nearly 10 weeks teaching, which over 5 years, this equates to an extra year of learning)
  • Can save up to 200 hours of teacher time per year
  • Covers ages 11-16 for UK and international mathematics curricula
  • Provides powerful, actionable insights for school leaders and teachers
  • Students who do SPARX regularly know more and do more and they get much better results in Mathematics GCSE

The research has proven that the students which use SPARX for Mathematics homework and in which students complete it 100% regularly, achieve really good results. So, if your child is not completing homework regularly and is not getting 100% on the given tasks, it may affect their further education and their Mathematics GCSE grade.

Year 11 students can easily use their tutor time once a week to complete their SPARX homework with support of their peers or with support of Mathematics teachers. Other year groups have support sessions offered after school on Tuesdays in MD2.02 classroom, so they can ask for help with their SPARX homework.

I really appreciate your help and cooperation, and if you have any questions or need extra instructions on how to help your child complete the work, please do not hesitate to contact their class teacher or me.

Please help your son/daughter to prepare for their future learning and examinations by encouraging them to put extra time aside for studying and completing their SPARX.


Yours faithfully

Mrs D. Grozdanic

Director of Learning – Mathematics