Year 7 Coronation Celebrations (weather permitting)

A young male Year 7 student is seen sat at a desk, smiling and surrounded by his peers in a dining area.

Dear Parents/Carers,

On Thursday 11th May, Year 7 will be taking part in Coronation celebrations to acknowledge the coronation of King Charles III.

The day will be filled with activities such as old school games, ice cream, and a fun fair linking to fundamental British values and ensuring that our core IB values are drawn upon, for example being risk takers and communicators for the team activities. Students will have the opportunity to take part in the activities with their peers for a session during the day.

There will be a coronation theme to the food in the restaurant, which students are welcome to purchase, or your child can bring a packed lunch if this is what they usually do.

On Friday 12th May, Year 7 are being given the opportunity to learn new skills by taking part in Maypole or Regency Dancing sessions. The sessions will last for approximately an hour for each college and there is no cost involved to you. These sessions will be a culmination of The Leigh Academy’s celebrations for the Coronation of King Charles.

These sessions will be a fun and somewhat energetic end to the week and students will have to be risk-takers to learn something new and different, effective communicators to ensure everyone works as a team and open-minded to the needs of their peers.

Year 7 students will attend a session with their college groups within the day. Year 7 students are expected to wear their PE kit on both Thursday 11th and Friday 12th May, non-school uniform is not permitted.

Students are required to bring their Chromebooks and usual equipment for the lessons they will be attending, during the rest of the days.

The restaurant will be providing a traditional fish and chips lunch on Friday, with other food also available; your child can bring a packed lunch if this is what they usually do.

We hope that the days will give your child the opportunity to experience a range of individual and team activities and above all, have fun in celebrating the King’s Coronation.

Please do not hesitate to contact should you have any queries regarding the day.

Your Sincerely,

Lisa Bodle
Assistant Head of Seacole College