Summer Uniform 2023

A group of four students are seen laughing and conversing with one another outdoors, whilst wearing their academy uniform.

Dear Parents and Carers

Re: Summer uniform

As we approach warmer weather, students will be allowed to wear summer uniform from Monday 12th June until the end of Term 6.

Summer uniform permits students to leave their blazer at home and remove their ties at school whilst wearing school uniform. Students should wear their tie coming to and from the academy so that they can be identified as Leigh Academy students.

Rules for Summer Uniform 2023
Students may wear summer uniform from Monday, 12th June until the end of Term 6 on Friday, 21st July 2023. The rules are as follows and students will be reminded in tutor time and in assemblies.

Students will be permitted to leave their blazers at home as long as they come to and from school wearing a tie, and they do not replace their blazer with a coat or anything else – in other words, if it is too cold or wet and you need something over shirt, then it must be your school blazer.

  • You may wear a shirt but no blazer in the academy, as well as to and from the academy
  • You must wear a tie on your journey to and from the academy
  • If you choose not to wear summer uniform, then you must continue to wear the full uniform, ie blazer and tie. No other form of dress is acceptable
  • If you do wear summer uniform, the top button of your shirt can be undone when not wearing your tie
  • Whatever you wear, your shirt should be tucked into your trousers/skirts
  • Skirts should be worn as designed, not rolled up.
  • When you return to school in September you must be in full uniform
  • If you have a summer blouse with the school badge embroidered onto the pocket and opt to wear this,then you do not need to wear a tie to and from school
  • School shoes should be worn at all times. Trainers are not permitted.

Yr 12 Students
Students in year 12 do not need to wear a tie or jacket to, from and in school but no other changes from usual dress code come into force.

Water Bottles
A reminder that students should bring a water bottle with them to the academy every day. This can be refilled at break and lunchtimes only at the water fountains

When we return back to school in September students must be in full Leigh Academy uniform.

Your Sincerely,
Julia Collins