Year 10 Standards & Expectations and Work Experience

A male student is seen wearing his academy uniform whilst concentrating on an activity in Design & Technology.

Dear Parents/Carers,

The Leigh Academy ensures the behaviour, attitudes and safety of our students is a top priority. Our academy ethos is ‘Opening minds to success’ which is underpinned by the academy’s three R’s (Respect, Responsibility and Resilience) and the importance of doing the right thing and making sensible choices. On Friday the 5th of January we delivered an assembly to Year 10 outlining and reminding students of our Standards and Expectations.

The assemblies included information regarding-

  1. Uniform
  2. Behaviour for Learning
  3. The Leigh in the Community
  4. Work Experience

Uniform Expectations

The Leigh Academy uniform is designed to ensure all students are able to wear smart attire. Please could I ask parents/carers to ensure students follow the uniform expectations. All students throughout the winter period are expected to wear appropriate school shoes, a compulsory blazer and a navy blue or black coat. All items of the academy uniform must be worn on a daily basis but if there are any reasons why these cannot be purchased please contact the SSM for your College and we will do all we can to help. Please write a note in your child’s planner if there are any issues with a date on which the issue will be rectified. Your child will then be issued with a uniform pass for that duration. Students that repeatedly fail to follow our uniform expectations will receive appropriate sanctions.

Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for Learning relates to positive classroom behaviour that maximises students’ learning engagement. Our staff are regularly trained in behaviour for learning strategies. We expect all students to be fully equipped to learn and that they are engaged in the lesson 100% of the time. Reward points are added to your child’s conduct log on the MyChildAtSchool app.

Behaviour in the Local Community

The Leigh Academy works with local businesses, home owners and community groups to ensure the conduct of our students is of the highest standard. We want to ensure the reputation of our students when travelling to and from school on public transport, walking through local neighbourhoods and being in view of members of the public in academy uniform demonstrates the respect and responsibility that is regularly discussed and instilled in the students. A reminder that students should not be gathering in large groups in local parks and using inappropriate language. Students should respect local members of the community property and put litter in bins.


When a student misbehaves and fails to meet academy behaviour expectations they do require a consequence for their actions. A student can be set a 15-minute detention to be attended on the same day if a student is involved in ‘low level disruption’ (S1) leading to the receiving a detention from their class teacher. If a student is ‘on-called’ for ‘persistently disrupting the learning of students’ then they are removed from that lesson, taken to a withdrawal space and a 30-minute detention is issued to take place the following school day (S2). For any more serious incidents an hour detention is issued (S3) to take place the following school day. Students are made aware of these detentions at the time, by their teachers, or college leadership teams. Students who receive more than one detention on the same day will be expected to complete these concurrently over the following days.

Please remember that all rewards and sanctions as well as timetables, attendance and letters can all be viewed via the MyChildAtSchool app.

Work Experience

In addition to presenting our expectations we must remind students of the importance of organising work experience placements as early as possible. This is due to the level of competition with other schools and students as many other schools will complete work experience during this week. You can view the work experience information at the following link- Work Experience.

Finally, The Leigh Academy is very proud of its students and the behaviour of its students. We strive to be recognised in the community with students who are proud of their academy and how they behave both in and outside of the academy. If you have any concerns about the conduct or wellbeing of our students please do contact who has the responsibility for behaviour or your child’s college team. In addition to this please contact Mr Bradley at who is responsible for work experience if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Williams
Assistant Head of Curie College
Senior Leader in charge of Behaviour for Learning

Chris Bradley
Assistant Head of Mandela College
Senior Leader in charge of Work Experience